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Joseph Federico, VP of NJMET
Joseph Federico
  • Find Joseph Federico on Twitter: @NJMETFederico. Read about #NJMET

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  • Exciting New Robot from Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics has developed an exciting new robot named Handle. As an article on describes it as “It uses electric power to operate both electric and hydraulic actuators, with a range of about 15 miles on one battery charge.  The robot can run at 9 miles per hours and stands at 6.5 feet.
  • Preventing counterfeiting through e-waste export control I just read an article on the Secure E-waste Export and Recycling Act (SEERA) at . This bill, introduced in the House of Representatives by Republican Paul Cook of California and Democrat Gene Green of Texas, aims to stop the export of e-waste to countries where it is used as source material for counterfeit electronics.
  • Semiconductors Require Testing  Semiconductors which are the “brains” inside electronic devices will be vital in controlling and converting power in electronic systems. These devices require extensive testing which includes screening and qualification to see if the components are susceptible to radiation damage in space application from high altitude flight around as well as nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, nuclear accidents and even nuclear warfare.
  • The Change the World ChallengeHere is a contest that calls for engineering creativity and vision:    Note that the deadline for submissions is has been extended to February 28.  I have always been a big advocate on engineering contests that are fair game with proper compensation
  • Sponsor a Local Scholarship Sponsoring a local scholarship for a graduating high school seniors is great way to do good and also get some positive notice for your company. Your local high schools are usually eager to work with you. The college guidance office is often the place to start.
  • Talking Cars Coming to a Highway Near You There is likely to be much more chatter on the road, but you won’t hear it. Cars will soon be talking to each other and to the road infrastructure.
  • Counterfeit Chip traffickers arrested for redistributing semiconductors to US military
  • Digital Delay/Pulse Generator has Useful LED Output   The Model 577, which is outfitted with four or eight channels, performs gating, triggering, delaying, clocking, and synchronization with timing precision that is sufficient for almost any application.
  • Virtual Reality Athletic Training the NFL is using technology to improve training.   I personally like the idea of how they are embracing new ways to enhance the viewer’s experience of the game.

Counterfeit obsolete parts will still be a concern despite better tracking

DARPA proposed SHIELD: a useful tool against counterfeit electronic components