Joseph Federico and NJ MET Information Links

Information Links – Joseph Federico and NJ MET

There are many ways to find information about NJ MET and Joseph Federico:

NJ MET Video – An Introduction to NJ MET Laboratories in Clifton, NJ

NJMET in-depth video — learn some specifics about NJ MET and the important testing services it provides to all industries using electronic components in their products:

Heartbeat of America – NJ MET was featured on the Heatbeat of America television program hosted by William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn.  The program is available in 4 parts.  Here is the link to the first part.

Press Releases – Catch up with everything that has been happening at NJ MET on our Press Release Site or visit the NJ MET in the News page of the NJ MET website.

Joseph’s Blog

Read Joseph’s Blog to gain insight into the electronics industry and Electronic and Counterfeit Testing by click on the Joseph’s BLOG link.


Joint Venture Announcements

NJ MET Inc. to Collaborate with S. F. Elecoms Co Ltd to Expand Electronics Testing Services in Japan — Joseph Federico, VP and Director at NJ MET Inc., announced the start of NJ MET’s collaborative effort with SF Elecoms Co Ltd. to expand its Electronic Testing Services in Japan.

“Our objective is to provide our 36 plus years of quality electronic component screening, qualification and testing programs to S. F. Elecoms’ leading trade customers specializing in the Japanese defense, space, aviation and nuclear industries,” said Director of Operations Joseph Federico, from NJ MET’s headquarters located in Clifton, NJ.  Read More

Joseph Federico Announces NJ MET Collaboration with Cygnus, LLC to Expand Its Electronics Services – Joseph Federico VP and Director at NJ MET Inc., announces its collaborative effort with Cygnus, LLC to expand its electronic services.

“Our objective is to combine our 36 plus years of quality electronic component screening, qualification and testing programs with Cygnus LLC’s full service turnkey manufacturing capabilities,” said Joseph Federico from NJ MET’s laboratory headquarters located in Clifton, NJ. “Electronic components will be tested by NJ MET and the ones that pass will be sent to Cygnus for assembly, saving time and money for our clients,” he continued.  Read More

News Articles

Wayne resident Joseph’s Federico combines a big heart with faith to help others less fortunate.  Read about it at

NJ MET feels it profits most from its philanthropy – Joseph Federico sets his standards high with is business and his extensive charity work.  And he feels both help make a better world for those around him.   “I think the formula for success is making your customers happy and giving back,” he said.