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Joseph Federico, NJ MET vice president, also manages the company’s contributions to charity and staff charity drives.  He is always looking for new ideas and often reads blogs on the subject of charity.  Along the way, he has found some interesting items to share.

Bono: Bullying allegations at charity made me furious

It is truly unfortunate to discover the circumstances of bullying and harassment which is probably common place in these environments.  However it is comforting to know that an activist rock star such as Bono, who has dedicated his life as a humanitarian, will correct these issues at the One campaign.

4 resources to help your charity understand where it is at with digital

It comes as no surprise that some large charities are now hiring chief digital officers, indicating their willingness to invest. New surveys and articles reveals that many charities don’t have a digital strategy and fear losing out on fundraising income if training and funding aren’t improved. This also raises big questions about how we see the future of the voluntary sector.

Many successful charity organizations have crossed over to a digital strategy which has proven to be profitable today. According to many reports, charities who use social media saw a 51% increase in donations.

I found the article below very enlightening in educating people on how charities are transforming in the digital age.

Network Charity Leadership How Charities Must Transform for the Digital Age