Joseph Federico Welcomes You to NJ MET in Clifton, NJ

Joseph Federico, NJ MET VP
Joseph Federico

Wayne, NJ resident, Joseph Federico, NJ MET Director of Operations and Vice President, has striven to extend the reach of the company.

In recent years, Joseph Federico has become an expert in testing electronic components for military and aerospace reliability.  He has written and given presentations on testing for counterfeit electronic components.  Watch a version of his presentation, on this website. Read one of Joseph’s articles about issues in solvent testing for component testing on EETimes Europe.

Mr. Federico’s most recent presentation was at the DMSMS Conference 2016. Mr Federico has announced a lecture series on testing authenticity of electronic components for across different cities, throughout 2017. See details at Joseph Federico Announces 2017 NJ MET, Inc. Electronic Testing Lecture Series 

After expanding its testing services and acquiring larger customers and contracts, Clifton NJ based NJ MET was selected by the United States Small Business Administration as the Region II Subcontractor of the Year in 1994.  NJ MET has also received SBA recognition for outstanding performance from former President Bill Clinton and former NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman. In addition, Joseph Federico helped NJ MET achieve a quadrupling in revenues after he expanded the company’s testing services by opening two branch offices in Los Angeles and London.

Joseph Federico’s breakthrough in electronic component testing

NJMET Lab floor, Clifton NJ
View of the NJ MET Testing Laboratory floor in Clifton NJ.

One of Joseph Federico and NJ MET’s breakthrough accomplishments was it’s the counterfeit product risk mitigation service Mission Imposter®. This program was created when Joseph Federico and his colleagues at NJ MET noticed that many components that passed testing were still not working, and after further examination, they found that the products were actually non authentic passing themselves off as proper parts. Using advanced reliability testing techniques, including  XRAY, chemical, electrical and microscopic materials analysis, the testing experts at NJ MET became the first lab in the world to assist industry-leading military, aerospace, industrial and electronic dealers and distributors uncover this epidemic.

NJ MET affiliates itself with several professional associations, including the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP),  SAE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). NJ MET is a Better Business Bureau Accredited company with an A+ rating.  It’s listing on the BBB website includes a video introduction:

Corporate Vision Magazine awarded NJ  MET a Mid-Market Achievement Award in 2016. See the announcement in Corporate Vision Magazine at .

NJ MET is headquartered in Clifton NJ. Joseph Federico has been instrumental in opening additional NJ MET sales offices in throughout the world.